Your level is our requirement.   Only when you are satisfied with products and services in the matter of quality and precision our job is accomplished. We are in the position to meet nearly all measuring task.


Zeiss Contura G2

Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machine
inside an airconditioned room
control: Calypso C99
scanning head: Vast XT
travel paths: X = 1.000 mm  Y = 2.100 mm  Z = 600 mm

Mitutoyo Contracer CV-3200
Mitutoyo contour measuring instrument
inside an airconditioned room
software: FORMTRACEPAK analysis program
resolution: 0.05 µm
travel paths: X = 100 mm  Z1 = 60 mm

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500
Mitutoyo surface roughness tester
High precision surface roughness tester inside an airconditioned room. Roughness detection on holes > Ø2mm diam. up to a depth of 14mm.

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